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Microsoft Ceo Search Rattles Boards From Ford To Ericsson

15 revelation was the main topic in at least one hastily convened meeting the next morning, according to a person who attended and isnt allowed to speak publicly on the matter. A Stockholm-based senior engineer said he scanned headlines first thing that day and was shocked by the news, even as he took pride in the prospect of Vestberg running Microsoft. The candidacy is likely to be discussed at an Ericsson board meeting before the end of the month, another person said. Vestberg joins a growing list of executives whose staff were jolted by news that their boss is being wooed by another company -- in this case, to succeed Microsofts Steve Ballmer . Alan Mulally of Ford Motor Co. and EBay Inc.s John Donahoe have also been tipped for the job in recent months. Such exposure can cause frustration in the executive suite and confusion in employee ranks, diverting energy from the day-to-day execution of business. It might result in infighting among deputies seeking to fill a void left by the departing or distracted executive. To board members, it can also seem like their CEO has been double-dealing.
More http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-01-22/microsoft-ceo-search-rattles-boards-from-ford-to-ericsson.html

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